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Edupunk is just a tag … bootstrapping is a life philosophy

Edupunk – this word seems to have been first uttered or posted by Jim Groom in May 2008.

Edupunk is really the DIY movement in teaching. Rather than relying on whatever learning management system their school subscribes to and e-paks from the publisher, edupunk educators go out to the blogosphere, the metaverse or into a MMORPG to find what will engage their students. It is an attitude about teaching that involves creativity, whimsy, Web 2.0 and a very limited budget (if you get a budget at all). So you DIY, you bootstrap, you use your strong and weak ties over the Internet to learn what others educators are doing. And most times you come up with something for your students that is engaging, challenging and creative.

It’s about the passion for educating and learning – doesn’t matter what it’s called edupunk, DIY, Web 20., bootstrapping or bricolage. You do it heart and soul and it shows.

Edupunk is just a word that seems to work for educators who have been DIYing it, bootstrapping and pushing education and learning to the bleeding edge.

Now see what happens when you EduPunxers go into educational doctoral programs.
We do need somewhere to disseminate what usually stays behind closed LMS walls.

Chief Chasm Crosser (CFO)
Chris Luchs
twitter: @NorthMetroTech
SL: Abacus Capalini

Chief Immersion Officer
and Director of Unrealistic Expectations

K. Novak
twitter: @kzenovka
SL: Kavon Zenovka

Mistress of Prims
Kate Hagerty
twitter: @ leedaleshepherd
SL: LeeDale Shepherd