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Aircraft Lease Agreements

Standard tenancy and financing agreements would generally allow a creditor (a lender.dem) to declare that a case of delay occurred when the debtor`s financial situation (i.e. the underwriter or borrower) had “significantly changed” or circumstances having a “significant negative effect” on the debtor`s obligations under the lease or financing agreement occurred. Stuart Hatcher, COO of the IBA, says the impact of Covid-19 on the finances of airlines and leasers will in the short term result in a reduction of more than 10% in aircraft values for new aircraft types and up to 30% for older aircraft. In order to reduce the impact of limited resources, technical representation and access difficulties, the IBA offers an unsubsated webinar session, which provides our advice on best practices for managing transitions under current market conditions. 2020 was an unprecedented year for the aviation industry. For the first time in the history of the end of the rental plane will exceed the rental beginnings. High leases, fleet departures and the challenges of the global pandemic require more planning and earlier engagement with transitions. Our senior asset management team shares its unparalleled expertise in the following areas: Current Fleet Sales Market Trends, Aircraft Supply and End of Leasing How to Address Leasing Re-negotiation and Current Market Rates Management of 737 MAX Back into Service Jobs by Following the “New Standard” and Review of Best Practices The Impact on Forecasts for Store Visit and Demand , renters and airlines. The Diadeck is available here for download. For further questions, please contact our contact form. Navigating Covid-19: In this brief and impressive 60-minute session, Phil Seymour was joined by Stuart Hatcher, COO MD Aviation, and Mike Yeomans, Head of Valuations, to discuss important market indicators.

Based on fleet data and the values of the main IBA data information platform IBA.iQ, the panel verifies OEM activities, market green shoots and leasing activities. To support our customers and help them better understand how aviation players respond, manage and succeed in these unprecedented times, the IBA is implementing a new series of fourteen-day webinars focused on the aviation market. The Diadeck is available here for download. If you have any further questions, please contact: Phil Seymour or Mike Yeomans Split Rock Aviation is a leasing consulting firm whose partners are made up of a team of executives with more than 100 years of collective experience. We specialize in innovative solutions for everything from individual installation transactions to business strategies. The team worked closely together and learned how to apply each partner`s unique capabilities to the needs of clients. The other side of this scenario is also true. When an airline is required to make modifications to an aircraft because of the jurisdiction in which it operates, the lessor`s share of costs is low or depends on decomuration.

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