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ARG 4 Educators

In May, a group of educators that just finished up with the Virtual Worlds, Games and Education MOOC decided to take educational DYI a bit further and design an ARG (Alternate Reality Game).

So for three weeks, they studied, discussed and constructed components of an ARG. They even presented their thoughts at the University of Michigan’s 4T (Teachers Teaching Teachers about Technology) Virtual Conference

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The result is ARG Prime! Not your traditional entertainment ARG – but an ARG to teach teachers about ARGs.

So from July 23 – August 5, you can be involved in an interactive narrative that crosses multiple media platforms and mixes realities.

Are you curious? – good you’ll need to be!

Curious enough to go to learn a little more about ARGs?

Look for the Rabbithole (like Alice in Wonderland) at SIGVE in San Diego or at SIGVE HQ in Second Life during the ISTE conference. But if you are ready and willing to just swallow the red pill right now – go here to sign up for what will hopefully be two weeks of challenge, hard fun, flow and fiero!

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