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Keynote – Dr. Cynthia Calongne SL: Lyr Lobo

Teaching in an Avatar World

Tech Playground Sessions at CACTA

February 8 -10, 2012

Second Life and Virtual Worlds

A Virtual Environment for Learning: Forays into Second Life
Second Life offers many opportunities for not only individual instructors but also for departments and even entire schools. Students and instructors can network with each other, connect with others around the world, experience virtual environments and simulations, experience situations and environments that are not possible in real life, and interact with each other in ways that have not been possible up until now.

Find out more about this virtual environment in this playground. Participants will be shown the very basics of Second Life, will discuss how it has been used in classrooms in Colorado and around the world, and shown examples of ready-made content in Second Life. During the second session, participants will be given workshop-style consultation so they can practice using Second Life and possibly create their own project, plan, or objectives using Second Life.

Second Life

Second Life Vocabulary

Second Life Handout (First Steps in Second Life)

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference ( Online from March 15 – 17)

Do You Have an Avatar? Prezi

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a Massively Online Role Playing game (MMORPG) played by over ten million people. It is also being used in the classroom. Schools and colleges in New Jersey, Arizona and even Colorado are using it for projects and also mapping to their curriculum standards. Come learn more about how video games and MMORPGs can be used for teaching and learning.

WoW in Schools

Gamer Vocabulary


QR Codes and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is beginning to change the face of education and our world. According to the 2011 Horizon Report, augmented reality will be adopted by the mainstream within the next two to three years. Augmented reality is simply the layering of digital media over real life physical spaces, which is accessible through mobile technologies. Quick Reference Codes (QR Codes) are one of the many tools for augmented reality and are the first step towards augmented reality for many people. This station will focus on the use of QR codes in the classroom as well as in the public sector.

QR Code Generator

QR Presentation Resources – Hardlink the Matrix

QR Code Live Binder

Augment Your Reality Prezi

Augmented Reality TED Talk