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Fiero, Epic Fail and then Epic Win

Monday, July 23rd, 2012
In our livestreaming on Saturday for the Games Based Learning MOOC we were able to record Grid and Izzy first battle grounds. We were in week 2 of the Games MOOC with the topic being - fun, flow and fiero in games. The battle grounds did not disappoint! We started with an Arathi Basin - were we won at the last minute by 10 points. All four of us earned the "We Had It Along'* Cough"Achievement. The next two battlegrounds we entered were both Warsong Gulch. The first Warsong Gulch had us easily demonstrating the vocabulary word "gank." As in being killed repeatedly by players with BOA (Bind on Account) equipment. The second battle ground was the… Read More

Gamer Vocabulary

Monday, April 2nd, 2012
Dragon Soul Wipe GAMER VOCABULARY Cheat (noun)- In a Virtual World or a video game, a code (whether secret or published) or a series of movements (whether intentionally programmed, a glitch or coded by the player) that can enhance one's abilities, unlock hidden easter… Read More