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VWBPE – Prologue

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012
SITE Floating Island VWBPE: THE PROLOGUE or Program Update Virtual World Best Practices in Education Conference March 15- 17, 2012 5 weeks and counting but there is still time..... The CFP is still open until February 15, 2012. The Call for Proposals (papers, workshops, games, Machinima and posters) has been extended to midnight on February 15, 2012.  All that’s required is a 50 – 100 word abstract (full papers… Read More


Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
  SITE CITY LIMITS sign EDUPunxers have been working hard and working in collaboration with the SITE Second Life Task Force.  For the past two months, we have been building and planning events for the virtual portion of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education conference. For the very first time, SITE… Read More


Sunday, January 15th, 2012
While some conferences claim to by run by volunteers but have organizational backing - this one really does. We know because EduPunxs are doing the work here and we are doing because there is no other educational conference that covers virtual worlds, user created content and games the way this one does. This is a combination of bleeding edge educators,  educational researcher who know the audience will get what they are talking about and  people attending who get the value of deeper learning and immersion.  This is a call to show us epic - we know you're out there and we know epic when we see and hear it. So come show us - Epic Win or Epic… Read More

VWBPE Steampunk Costume Contest

Sunday, April 24th, 2011
Last night, VWBPE held a Volunteer Appreciation Evening and Steampunk Costume Contest on the VWBPE Gateway. Too see truly exceptional pictures from last night go Caliburn Susanto's flickr  and also all his amazing screenshots from VWBPE. (The pic on left is not one of his - his are much better!)… Read More

VWBPE Appreciation Night

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011
Tonight Saturday April 23rd   6- 8 pm SLT 6 pm SLT Music, Dancing, best steam punk outfits (voting from 6 pm - 7 pm). 7:00 pm SLT Presentattion of  VWBPE numbers and trends and thank you to all the amazing contributions made by the VWBPE volunteers and presenters Where: VWBPE Gateway Dress:  Wear your penultimate steam punk outfit. (Feel free to be creative – looking at Neo-Victorian, Diesel Punk, Atom Punk, Clock Punk and Weird West.) Who:  VWBPE volunteers, presenters, and friends What:  A party to honor the… Read More

VWBPE Volunteer Appreciation Night

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
On behalf of all the EduPunxers:
Please come to the VWBPE Appreciation Evening Saturday April 23th from 6 -8 pm on VWBPE Gateway. Since this year’s design theme is steam punk – if you like, please come dressed as your favorite subgenre of steam punk. (Yes, there will be prizes for costumes.) It with be an event with music, dancing and conversation. We really want to thank you and have you attend an event you’re not working or presenting at! We’ll have the post-wrap up information available and some exciting news for next year’s conference.
When: Saturday, April 23rd Time: 6:00 pm SLT  to 8:00 pm SLT Where:… Read More

Mar 19th WoW Day at VWBPE

Saturday, March 19th, 2011
Saturday, March 19th is packed with World of Warcraft at Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference. 7 am SLT When Learning is WOW “ Using World of Warcraft and other MMOs with Students Diane Lewis At Sanford Middle School in Seminole County, Florida, at-risk students have been using World of Warcraft as part of an after school program to learn leadership, communication, collaboration, teamwork, language arts and mathematics. The success has been so remarkable that it and other MMO’s are being examined for inclusion in the regular curriculum. We will share our structure, successes, lessons learned and plans for expansion both as… Read More

Machinima 4 Your Classroom

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011
Several EduPunxers will participating in this discussion - so why don't you join us! Machinima 4 Your Classroom Brought to you by the Machinima Working Group or Machinima 4 Mere Mortals It will cover some basics for the classroom such as setting up a YouTube channel, images and creative commons, peer reviewing for your students. Then the discussion will turn to some quick and easy Machinima making, alternatives to YouTube and Machinima groups in Second Life. This session starts out for beginners but all are encouraged to attend. Intermediate and advanced participants will be encouraged to share their knowledge. (plz) Machinima Working Group:… Read More

MMORPGs – Using and Choosing 4 Your Classroom

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011
EduPunxers at VWBPE Saturday, March 19th noon West Auxillary Theatre West 4

MMORPGs - Choosing and Using in Your Classroom Heroic Assumptions: Choosing and Using MMORPGs in Your Classroom What classes do you teach? Could they be enhanced by using a MMORPG? Can you see the pedagogical value of using World of Warcraft in your classroom? What about War Hammer, Rift or even Club Penguin? This discussion will focus on using MMORPGs (Multi-Player Online Role-playing Games) for more than edutainment. All are welcome to… Read More

World of Warcraft at VWBPE

Thursday, March 10th, 2011
World of Warcraft Sessions at Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education 2011 Friday, March 18th 6 am SLT The Virtual Worlds Exploration stream of the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education invites you to a World of Warcraft event on the Sisters of Elune realm, United States server. "A World of Warcraft Virtual Field Trip With The WoWinSchool Project." Your host is Lucas Gillispie and these are your tour guides.

This 50 minute tour starting at 6 am SLT on Friday March 18 is for educators who are new to WoW. Participants will receive tours… Read More