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World of Warcraft Educators’ Network

On Monday, June 25th from Noon to 4 pm at the SIG Games & Simulations Arcade

Educators from Cognitive Dissonance Guild (Peggy, Kae, Chris & Sabine) hosted a World of Warcraft Educator’s Network showcase at the Game and Simulation SIG playground.

Dragon Soul Raid

Below is the list of resources from that showcase.

Cognitive Dissonance Guild Site

Cog Dis Flickr group

WoW in School – A Hero’s Journey Curriculum

WoW in School PB Wiki

Quick Gamer Vocabulary

Intro to World of Warcraft (Slideshare)

Theorycraft – Quantitative Analysis for World of Warcraft (Slideshare)

Metagame Handout for Business Students

Instructor Game Review Rubric (PDF)

Student Game Review (PDF)