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COLTT Conference

EduPunxers are excitedly heading to Boulder Colorado for 2 Days for
Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology Conference
being held at the University of Colorado – Boulder

Here is the conference schedule.


We have two game based learning and MOOC sessions on Wednesday:

Dissecting a Game: Game Mechanics in a Multiplayer Game

Immerse yourself in the mechanics that games leverage to engage, assess, and reward players. This discussion of game mechanics and game elements will include achievement, behavioral momentum, blissful productivity, reward schedules, epic meaning, and many more. This presentation provides participants an overview of the various tools game designers use to create engaging, compelling content that champions hard fun and real-time assessment. Examples will be drawn from the World of Warcraft in Business pilot project.


Game On! Lessons Learning from a Games Based Learning MOOC

What happens when you take the concept and spirit of a gaming guild and build four successive MOOCs? You get plenty of questions, skepticism, and even resistance to a different way of learning. Come discuss how the Games MOOC was informed by gaming guilds, the modding culture, MMORPGs, and a fierce determination not to default to behaviorist instruction. This is a lessons learned session when it comes to MOOC design and instruction.



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