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WoW continues

3Dgame lab may be formally over but…there’s no reason not to continue in World of Warcraft.

Come one – come all!

We know what it’s like leveling solo and we know what it’s like in a group. Some things are just more fun in a group!

We’ll be scheduling some events over the next few months that you may be interested in whether you are a new player or old hat.

Please let us know what you like to see and participate in.

We’ll doing the first one on Sunday, August 28th at 3 pm sever time.


Come for a Gear Check-up, Talent Point Consultation and Fun Run!
We’ll do a dungeon, battleground or perhaps even a pink-haired gnome role-play depending on group choice.
If you’re more  of an old soul than a new toon – come and help mentor!

Oh and there will be a mandatory discussion of Looking for Group
Sign up also available on Cognitive Dissonance Guild Calendar

If you ‘d like to discuss this more – feel free to take the conversation into WoW guild chat or whisper Vargsdropi, Tashidelek or Biggersby.

and if you’re already level 85 come join us for our community service effort in the Firelands.

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