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Teaching Chicano Studies

Local, Digital and Virtual  – el Día de los Muertos 

EduPunxers will be reporting on their project with a Chicano Studies class at a community college on how to do blended in the classroom so it enhances not distracts.

This is from our November session when this was still a work in progress.

Global Education Conference 2010 

Conference Elluminate Recording

Global, Local and Virtual: Understanding Tradition and Culture 

Dr. Cherry Emerson, Kae Novak and Rurik Nackerud 

Emphasizing 21st century skills, this project examines permeable national borders and global awareness of cultural migration. This allowed the students of an Introduction to Chicano Studies at a community college in the United States the opportunity to explore el Día de los Muertos holiday, tradition, and culture using a curriculum incorporating local, global, and digital forums. Utilizing mixed reality, students created a Día de los Muertos altar for a real museum. Then the students helped design a traditional Mexican cemetery and learning exercises within Second Life. They analyzed and developed methods of introduction for other students to experience this cultural holiday and its importation to the United States by emmigrating Mexicanos. The reality-based altar’s display is temporary yet the virtual creation continues as a tool for Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, and other courses. This activity reaches both local and global communities through virtual and reality based presentation and content. 

Video Mini-documentary 

PowerPoint Presentation

First Assessment or CAT ( classroom assessment technique) – “Write down 5 things you know about Día de losMuertos.”

Wordle: Dia de los Muertos CATS

Prior to the Second Life session, students were only shown these videos to see what was already there.

Cemetery video 

Mission church video 

Second Life Area

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