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Livescribe Pulse Pen

Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Cost: $150 – 200+ for pen and another $4 – 6 for a notebook

Bottom Line: Records voice and what you write with the pen. Allows video “pencasts” that users can play, rewind, and zoom in and out. You can also embed the video in a webpage.

Not-so-great part: Pen is bulky, need special paper, customer support, no editing, records your actual hand writing 🙂

Livescribe’s Pulse Pen allows you to create a video recording of whatever you are writing and record any accompanying audio. Once done recording, you can simply double tap on a page and the pen will automatically begin replaying the audio at that point. It was originally designed for students to record lectures and connect lecture audio with written notes.

Downloading from pen is easy and uses a USB cradle. Uploading can be a bit confusing has you have two options: Upload page or upload audio and page. If you want to have a video, you need to upload audio and page. To allow embedding, you need to make the uploaded video public first.