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Virtual World Exploration

Currently a group of EduPunxers is conducting research and instructional design over at Rockcliffe University  in Second Life. ( Thank you Rockcliffe!)


Our Research areas include:

Instructional Design model for gamelike learning enviroments
Exploration and Evaluation of MMORPGs for classroom use


Instructional Design

Respository of K-12 best practices using commercial MMORPGs
Rapid Prototyping of use in MMORPGs and Serious Games

and here’s the MMORPGs we are looking at this summer for Sword and Board Summer

Age of Conan
Jade Dynasty
World of Warcraft

Here is a link to the jokaydia unconference presentation we did on it. We’re the third video on the page.

We’ ll be scheduling an additional session on assessment in MMORPGs ( To be announced.)

If you’d like to come and visit sometime, we’re located in Second Life at and walk through the tunnel. The look is undergoing constant revision but for us that means innovation. Just walk through the tunnel and you’re inside.


Check out the Bardo Thodol  and Book of Gates to see the simulations we have built (are building) in Second Life.