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Book of Gates: Ancient Egyptian Funerary

This simulation is being developed for students in a Philosophy of Religion course. The students routinely request exposure to philosophical concepts outside of the Christian and Jewish traditions, and the ancient Egyptian concepts of Maat, Chaos, and Renewal are especially useful to teachers interested in highlighting the foundational philosophical concepts of Christianity.

While lost to contemporary society, Egyptian religion had a tremendous impact on the development of Jewish, and hence Christian, assumptions about the nature of the cosmos and the moral imperatives of human existence.  Teaching the Egyptian Book of the Dead accomplishes a fundamental task for the philosophy of religion curriculum.  It aids in understanding Western religions, and especially Christianity, as historical institutions emerging within context and from history, as opposed to sui generis formulations of revealed truth.

This project will utilize the virtual world Second Life to develop a simulation of the Pharaoh’s journey through the afterlife to merge with Ra. This simulation will be based on the Book of Gates and will consist of a vivid recreation of the twelve hours of the afterlife, during which the deceased faces a series of trials, and if successful, merges with the Egyptian sun god Ra.

The simulation will allow students to play the role of the deceased Egyptian Pharaoh. Pharaohs were considered Ra’s presence on earth. The Pharaoh represented organized Egyptian society, and his or her purpose was to maintain the order of the universe and protect it from Chaos.  Each Pharaoh spent their life preparing for death.  As a deceased Pharaoh, the student will be responsible for immense task of successfully navigating the afterlife to maintain the cosmic order.  Failure means that the universe will be unmade. The student must accomplish twelve tasks if the universe is to continue and the proper order of things is to be maintained.

EduPunxers are starting to storyboard the simulation for the Egyptian Book of the Dead in Second Life and are always looking for collaborators.

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