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CAVE Island End of Year Party and Machinima Challenge

EduPunxers visiting ARVEL SIG for their End of Year Party and
 “Show Us What You Do in Virtual Worlds” Machinima contest.

Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning
American Education Research Association
EduPunxers had fun dancing and playing games! Just take a look at the brutual arm wrestling contest that took place.

Sheila Webber ( SL Sheila Yoshikawa) from Sheffield University won the contest with “Exploring Information Literacy on Infolit Island”  Screenr video.

ARVEL SIG is extending the contest in January with 3 categories – Virtual Worlds, AR and Games. So use some sort of screencast software ( suggested by ARVEL SIG) and make a five minute video of how you are using virtual worlds, AR and games.

P.S. This also seems to dovetail perfectly with the Machinima Stream for VWBPE.

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