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Summer and Fall Agenda

Events and Presentations

8th Annual Teaching and Learning with Technology May 16 – 19th

Rurik Nackerud, Prezi: The Presentation Power Tool
Rurik Nackerud, Surveying the Data Landscape: Infographics
Kae Novak  & Kate Hagerty, Build Your Own YouTube Channel
Brandon Poulliot, Intro to Geolocation
Kae Novak & Kate Hagerty, Learning and Leveling with World of Warcraft
Kae Novak, WebQuest Competition design

EduBlogger Con June 25th

ISTE 2011 June 26 – 29


June 27th

9 – 930 am ISTE SIGVE Presentation

Designing the Virtual World Event/Experience

June 28th

8-9 am ISTE SIGVE Presentation

PechaKucha 4 MMORPGs

4-6 pm Learning Station Session: Poster

Rurik Nackerud  Learning Between Worlds: Integrating Virtual and Real World Classrooms

Kae Novak and Chris Luchs  Mobile Apps, Geotagging, and Augmented Reality for Everyday Teachers

530 – 700pm

Kae Novak and Rurik Nackerud as special guests, to show VWBPE Highlights at ISTE Machinima Fest 2011  

Fusion Desire2Learn 2011 July 11 – 15th

Kae Novak The Right Blend: F2F, D2L & Immersive Environments July 12th

COLTT August 3-4th

Karla Schorzman and Kae Novak  ARG (Alternate Reality Game) as a Learning Narrative: Part 1

Karla Schorzman and Kae Novak  ARG (Alternate Reality Game) as Learning Narrative: Part 2

Chris Luchs and Kae Novak  Intro to Data Visualization and Learner Analytics

WCET WICHE Western Interstate Commission of Higher Education Cooperative for Educational Technologies October 26 – 29

Kae Novak and Karla Schorzman Cheating 101


Analytics and Data Visualization

Tower of Textures for OpenSim

Antiquity Hunt in Virtual Worlds

Cheating 101 for WCET October 26- 29

Release CFP and Plan for UnSymposium November 4- 6

Develop Live Reseach Format for VWBPE 2012

Develop MOOC for VWBPE 2012

Messing with Machinima at Machinima 4 Mere Mortals

MetaMorph II (Comic-Con 4 Education) April 2012

Research Areas

Point of Immersion using Grounded Theory in Bardo Thodol

Participatory Learning and Content Creation

Subcreation and Virtual World Design

Subcreation and ARGs