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WEB 3.0

Web 3.0

Everyone has heard the term Web 2.0 (Read/Write Web). Now, Web 3.0 is becoming popular. So, do the people who are using it know what it means? I’m not sure. Earlier this month, I was at conference eagerly anticipating a session called “From Sliced Bread to Web 3.0.” Web 3.0 was only mentioned at the end and with a casual remark that “Web 3.0 is making Web 2.0 profitable for the marketplace.” What?

Okay, so now when I hear someone use the term Web 3.0 – I assume they mean one of these 3 definitions:

1) The Future of the Web

This is the easiest one. It’s a vague idea of how the Internet and software applications will develop to better our lives. It has kind of celestial quality to it. When I hear this description I think of the opening to the television series “Highway to Heaven” or “Touched by an Angel”.

2) The Semantic Web

This has a little more credibility to it. Sir Timothy Berners- Lee (the gentleman who did really invent the Internet) is working on a research project called the Semantic Web. A Semantic web would be using artificial intelligence to “quickly and completely scour the Web” for you. The best example I have read of how a regular person would use Web 3.0 is from the New York Times article linked below. The vibe from this definition is more like Computer on the original “Star Trek” series.

3) They really mean Web 3-D.

Web 3-D is virtual – virtual reality and virtual worlds. It includes worlds like Second Life, Habbo Hotel, Blue Mars, Kaneva, Wonderland, and numerous others. It’s the Internet gone 3-D.(three dimensional). So it’s basically the Internet where the image provides the perception of depth. So for this one, think of the movie “Disclosure” or

4) They mean the Live Web

It’s about synchronous rather asynchronous. Everyone is online at the same time whether it’s a webinar, online conference or livestreaming of an event.