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Winter Agenda


Developing professional networking projects with SITE 2012 Virtual World Building Committee  on EdTech Island. This involves a Cowboy v. Aliens themed build, the development of Machinima resources and Second Life tours for SITE conference attendees.

Games Playground for CACTA. This involves stations with World of Warcraft, Second Life and QR code scavenger hunts.

Balancing the Ledger: Using  Games in an Online Accounting Course, book chapter

Virtual Worlds, Games and Education MOOC – developing a 5 week Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) around the Virtual Worlds Best Practices Conference (VWBPE). Last year there were over two thousand attendees at this virtual conference conducted in the 3D immersive environments of Second Life, Jokaydiagrid, SpotOn3D, World of Warcraft, Quest Atlantis and Club Penguin.

VWBPE Games Competition – develop a game fest/event/competition for Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education


Bardo Thodol and the Point of Immersion in Games and Simulations

World of Warcraft, Cognitive Surplus and Theorycraft