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Gamer Vocabulary

Dragon Soul Wipe


Cheat (noun)– In a Virtual World or a video game, a code (whether secret or published) or a series of movements (whether intentionally programmed, a glitch or coded by the player) that can enhance one’s abilities, unlock hidden easter eggs or unlock otherwise unavailable levels of play or resources. I found a cheat that lets me get to the next level.

Easter Eggs (noun)- Easter Eggs are hidden links or files coded into software or websites.
In the end, they are useless gags that programmers include for fun.

Gank ( verb) – to be killed especially repeatedly killed by a higher level playe.

Griefing (noun) – Behavior on the part of the player that is meant to gain attention, aggravate and harass other players. Griefers in games are similar to hecklers in live performances.

Leeroy or Leeroy Jenkins– Long story but funny ( digital native & adult language).

l33t or leet or 1337 (adjective) – derived from the word elite, showing a high skill level in games or computer coding. Leet is the opposite of lame or unskilled.

Leetspeak (noun) – alphabet used on the internet for English derived from the word elite. Originally used by the hacker culture now used by the gaming culture.

Machinima (noun)- Portmanteau of machine cinema, the rendering of computer-generated imagery using low-end (real time) 3D engines such as those found in video games.


MMORPG (noun)– Massively Multiplayer Online,Role-Playing Game. Games where many players log into a persistent game world and play the game together.

Ninja (verb) – to take loot that someone else earned.

n00b (noun)– Someone who is new to a game and is still learning it. Also called noob and newb.

Owned (verb)– Totally annihilated. Used to basically say “I won you lost.” Pwned– same as “owned” this term was influenced because of a typo in a game and has been used ever since.

Toon, Avatar , or Main (noun)– Refers to your in-game or online representation. May be used interchangeably with toon, alt, or character.   Your Main is your main character and Alt is your secondary character/s (your alter ego).

Twink (verb  and also a noun) – outfitting a new character with gear or resources not normally available to a low level player.

w00t (interjection) The origin of this term is essentially unknown, but it essentially means “hooray!”Suggestions for its origin are as an acronym for “We Own the Other Team and a portmanteau of “Wow loot!” Meriam-Webster named it 2007 word of the year for its open online dictionary.


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