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Ready for An UnSymposium

Let’s get started…..

We are  planning for the in-depth discussion and collegiality inherent in symposiums, mashing that up with an unconference format, and still allowing  for thoughtful presentations on research and works in progress?
There will be a structured CFP that will be announced on September 1st. This CFP will provide the initial scope of the Unsymposium. Some initial topics being considered are Virtual Worlds, MMORPG(s), Machinima, augmented reality, alternate reality games and a little bit of sub-creation studies.

Also during September:

Group on Quest Line during month of September in 3DGameslab for whoever would like to explore how to play with event design using a quest based professional development

Polling or crowdsourcing – topics and possible speakers over twitter during month of September – #vwgus

Sign yourself up for unstructured time on this google doc

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