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Heroic Assumptions: Tanking 101

What is a Tank?

A tank in an MMORPG is basically a character who wears the heaviest armor and their job is to be the center of aggression for whatever is to be tanked. The idea is to be annoying enough to the target that they forget about the rest of the party and focus on beating said tank into mush. This allows the rest of the party to kill the target with minimal damage. You can tank in quest chains, dungeons, or in pvp battlegrounds. The concept is the same annoy the target with special attacks or just being a general nuisance (pvp) to the enemy.

So how to annoy, well in WoW there is the concept of aggression or “aggro”. This is simply the monster’s hate meter. The monster targets the character with the most aggro. Aggro is generated by damage, taunts, healing, and walking into the monster’s radius of attack. Tanking can be done by anyone… a certain mage comes to mind. However the best classes at it are Warrior, Paladin, and Druid, due to the Warrior and Paladin being able to wear heavy armor and carry a shield and the Druid’s Bear form.

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