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Minecraft & Participatory Culture

This week, another discussion on how to take Minecraft into the classroom seemed a little……rudimentary?


netherworld portal

So this week, between G.A.M.E. and the Games MOOC, we’re hoping not to do a
“Everything You Ever Need to Know to Integrate a Game in Your Class” 45 minute session.

Instead Knowclue Kidd is joining us on Thursday and we’re doing a warm-up in the #gamemooc tweetchat on Wednesday at 9 pm ET/6 pm SLT.

We’re going to try to get the discussion going a little early with the tweetchat and talk about Minecraft, Participatory Learning and the Maker Movement.

Here’s a few resources that are helping inspire the tweetchat

This just came out on 9/12
Designing with Teachers: Participatory Approaches to Professional Development in Education – Henry Jenkins

And then there’s looking at Makers’ Movement through the lens of what we do in games and virtual worlds. We build, mod and make Machinima. It’s digital so does it fit into the Makers’ Movement?

Maker Faire – Edu Outreach

But that’s just a warmup …

Here’s the main event:

Please join us Thursday September 20 at 9 PM ET for the second installment of the G.A.M.E.  “It Takes A Guild – A Guild of Educators” webinar series.  This episode will feature an interview with Marianne Malmstrom regarding how she successfully guided the integration of the popular game Minecraft into the activities and curriculum of most grades at The Elisabeth Morrow School.  You can access the webinar at the G.A.M.E. and Games Based Learning MOOC YouTube Channel

The SIGVE Diner in Second Life will be the location of a hosted backchannel.

For the full description of the webinar, please go to

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