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More Serious Gaming Fun ….

A number of our EduPunxers are involved in the Virtual Worlds Unsymposium

We’re helping organize and facillitating some discussions. So far we are looking at…..

Discussion of World of Warcraft, Cognitive Surplus and Theorycraft.  We’re going into WoW almost every day and while there have been discussion on how to use it for your class – we really want to get into a discussion that really details the math, statistics and management strategy involved in participating in WoW on a raid level.

A rousing game of “Burning Questions/Taboo Topics” – what’s taboo where you are when it comes to games, education or anything else. Let’s discuss.

Machinima – has everyone read this article YouTube, Machinima and the Content Revolution
It’s saying what we know but…. we need to continue learning, creating, showcasing and discussing.
Machinima is the outreach and product that we do in games and virtual worlds.

Play as Profession Development – this is really a work or a dicsucssion in progress. Is our professional development happening more online in virutal worlds and MMORPGs? Is WoW the new golf course or is virtual golf the new golf course? What do you think?

Games Competition for VWBPE! – The Poster Contest and Machinima Contest worked last year for VWBPE. How can we expand it to a games competition. We’ll be brainstorming this at the UnSymposium.

Live Research based on Real Time Research: Improvisational Game Scholarship done at the annual Games, Learning and Society Symposium

A look at an educator built language world – where the creator is looking for feedback,

and perhaps if we are extremely, extremely lucky maybe we can get some people already playing in Minecraft.

If you would like to submit through peer review process the CFP is located at

And if you would like to register please go to

twitter @vwgus

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