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Organizing the UnSymposium



And Pirates….

No it’s not the Apocalypse

But, it will be disruptive

There will be rogue teachers

Games, Virtual vorlds

MMORPGs and Machinima

MOOCs, OOCs, Badges & Gamification

Think of this disruption ….Play as Professional Development

So come join for the Third Annual UnSymposium

Friday November 2 & Saturday 3, 2012

The Virtual Worlds and Games UnSymposium in its third year is a grassroot community organized yearly event. The theme this year is disruption and we couldn’t think of a better way to pull that theme off than ninjas, zombies and pirates. Disruption in education in whatever shape or form has been a daily topic of discussion in the popular press.

To further show how things including professional development are changing, we will have a discussion with Andrew Wheelock (SL Spiff Whitfield) on the Anne Frank MOOC.

The EduMachinima Fest is organizing the Fiero Film Festival on Friday Evening. The Fiero Film Festival is a viewing of educator, student and community made Machinima. Special emphasis will be on epic successes and epic failures.

We’ll also be exploring badges and discussing the Mozilla Open Badge Initiative. We are in the process of developing the “Marauder” or Pirate badge for those educators demonstrating mastery in edupunk, fiero and epic educational delivery.

The UnSymposium closes with a Pirates’ Ball – you’ve seen the movies, we all know how those end!

We’re still in the process of planning it – if you would like to help out please contact Kae at

The Virtual Worlds and Games UnSymposium is a free online discussion driven symposium!

If you’d like to register go to

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