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Inevitable Instructors

Saturday at 11 am MT/ noon CT/ 1 pm ET livestreamed on

Inevitable Instructors is recorded live over Google Hangout. The makeup of each broadcast varies but shows a beginning lecture or overview, includes Q & A and discussion and livestream of gameplay. These videos are aimed for the WoW novice and based off the discussion the guild has each week in guild chat and on the Google + community.

Inevitable Instructors Playlist

Game Based Learning tweetchat

Wednesday at 7 pm MT/ 8 pm CT / 9 pm ET

Sixty minutes of gamey goodness each week over twitter in 140 character bite size tweets using the #gamemooc hashtag.

3D GameLab

Ready to Raid   (May)
Aligned to ISTE Standards

3 Minute Questline Overview

Economy in WoW   (October)

Math and Stats in WoW   (December)

Summer Games MOOC

Part I –  June

Multi-Player Games and MMORPGs
June 3 – June 24, 2013.

Part I focuses on exploring collaboration, cross-functional teams and multi-player game based learning. We take a close look at the features of multi-players games by going into MMORPGs (Massively Online Role-Playing Games) and also livestreaming from them. We will be exploring and even experiencing what makes these games so engaging.

Part II  – July

Immersive Environments
July 7 – July 29, 2013

Part II is a tour of online and immersive environments for game based learning. There will be an emphasis on you building your game based learning PLN (Personal Learning Network). We will visit multiple virtual learning environments, virtual worlds, sandbox games and MMORPGs. In Part II, we will be collaborating with the rgMOOC, or “Rhetoric and Composition: The Persuasive Power of Video Games as Paratexts being offered by Sherry Jones and Kate Guthrie Caruso and the Anne Frank MOOC.

Fall Games MOOC

More info to come……

Part I  TBD

Part II  TBD