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Summer Games MOOC

This is your invitation to dance, play, sharpen your social media skills and build your games based learning and immersive learning PLN (Personal Learning Network) with the Games Based Learning MOOC.

Part II starts on Monday July 8, 2013 at 1pm MT!

Part II of the Colorado Community College System’s Games Based Learning MOOC starts tomorrow! We will begin with a 30 minute live introduction over Google Hangout at noon MT. To watch this, go to the Games MOOC YouTube channel – type in “Games MOOC Summer Part II Intro.” This will be recorded and posted in the Games MOOC so you can watch it later.

Part II of the Summer Games MOOC is our Immersive Learning and Virtual Worlds Tour. We’ll be having you take a look at two different types of immersive learning MOOCs or open courses, the rgMOOC with Sherry Jones

The Games MOOC will also be touring Second Life, OpenSim, Minecraft and World of Warcraft.

To join in go just click here – Games MOOC


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