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The Marshmallow Challenge and Games

Modified Marshmallow Challenge for the ISTE Leadership Symposium, we used a modified version of the Marshmallow Challenge.

Using it to explain game elements and fun, flow and fiero really came from a Game Based Learning Design Session that Sherry Jones and I did at our inhouse conference this year.  One of our very earnest instructors stated she wanted to use game based learning and gamification but it was difficult to think in those terms. So I pulled up the Marshmalllow challenge ( we had done the challenge the year before) and started to look at what they called a design challenge was actually a game.

Here’s the link to the website and the TED Talk

For the Epic Leadership Symposium, we cut down the time tremendously. We managed to do it in 18minutes and 30 seconds ( Chris was timing).  For our inhouse conference and at our state eLearning Consortium of Colorado (eLCC) conference  we have done it for 100 people and made it into a discussion about learning styles that lasted an hour. We have also made it a breakout session for 30 people and focus the discussion afterwards on how to do group projects in your classroom.

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