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VWBPE – Prologue

SITE Floating Island

or Program Update
Virtual World Best Practices in Education Conference
March 15- 17, 2012

5 weeks and counting but there is still time…..

The CFP is still open until February 15, 2012. The Call for Proposals (papers, workshops, games, Machinima and posters) has been extended to midnight on February 15, 2012.  All that’s required is a 50 – 100 word abstract (full papers required for research stream) that indicates how your work illustrates best practices in education.

Machinima ….the third wave
as tweeted by @GridJumper

Machinima – more submissions please!
Machinima really is the gateway to show and document our work that is happening in virtual worlds and MMORPGs. Also, in light of SOPA/PIPA in the United States, ACTA in Europe  and similar regulation elsewhere, we would want to encourage discussion sessions in content and media creation that could take place during VWBPE.  To take a look at last year’s Machinima submissions, please go to

Posters- Interactive Displays

The theme for this year is “Be Epic!” Posters are a way to showcase your group or research, highlight your activities, show a project, give out resources or even start a conversation with the community. So while you’re writing up the abstract – why not also -go to Virtual Education Journal (VEJ)’s  Virtual Worlds – Why Are We Here? google survey.


The Games stream this year is also looking to celebrate user created content. There are many opportunities to present and also to display what you have done. Want some ideas – look at


MOOC? We are doing a post-conference MOOC – A Tour of Virtual Worlds, Education and Games. We’ll have the portal and sign-up available on March 1st. We still have time and room for volunteers so if you are interested in helping build a MOOC please sign up at


Actively seeking proposals from OpenSim grids. Especially interested in someone willing to do a presentation for people who have never been on OpenSim grid. This could include one or all of the following hypergates, sim on a stick and/or the affordances of OpenSim for educators.

Also looking for an OpenSim coordinator to help in programs and OpenSim bloggers/reporters for the conference.

Social Media

Here’s the social media that programs will be posting to

twitter @vwbpe
On Flickr we have “VWBPE” group
LinkedIn – virtual worlds best practices group
and our very good friend – Thinkerer Melville’s Blog Virtual Outworlding

Kavon Zenovka
VWBPE Program Committee
Virtual Worlds, Games and Education MOOC

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