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Warehouse Storage Agreement Template Uk

Insurance worth more than that indicated in our storage contract is usually negotiated by you as extending your own insurance policy and because storing goods and documents in third-party warehouses is a common practice, insurance companies have inexpensive insurance extensions to cover the risk. Big Web Warehouse Ltd does not underestimate the responsibility for the maintenance of your products and documents and our general storage conditions do not attempt to minimize the obligation, but the company will in any case limit liability to the amount specified in the UKWA terms of the storage contract. Storing goods or business documents in a third-party warehouse poses a risk similar to storing it in your own premises. Big Web Warehouse Ltd assumes no unlimited liability and does not insures the full value of the assets or documents stored with the company. By agreeing to store with Big Web Warehouse Ltd, you, the customer is deemed to accept these conditions. If you doubt the effect of these conditions, please contact us. The terms and conditions of the sector are those employed by the United Kingdom Warehousing Association and Big Web Warehouse Ltd is an active and full member. Our terms and conditions are the same as those of the association. UKWA`s terms and conditions can be downloaded below and customers are advised to read the terms and conditions to ensure they are understood.

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