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Work Education Agreement Pdf

Purpose of the form: The Ministry of Education offers insurance coverage for safety and security at work (WSIB) for students enrolled in a work program managed by a school authority. This form must be completed and signed by all parties before the internship. If you work hours outside of your usual co-operation time, you must complete a WEA change form. Parties must complete and sign a training form before the student begins the job training program to ensure that WSIB coverage is provided by the Ministry of Education. The agreement must also be signed for students aged 14 and over if they participate in shadow work experiences/partnerships that involve hands-on work for more than one day. Fill out the form by following the example of the attached WEA form. This form must be signed by you, your placement guardian, your parent/guardian and your co-operation teacher. Please send it back to your co-op teacher as soon as it is fully completed and signed. The WEA form serves as an official protocol for you to be insured during your normal co-op hours during your internship by the Ministry of Insurance insurance and occupational safety (WSIB). Sources: Adobe FORMAT PDF: – – Work Education Agreement.

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