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June 9th, 2010

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Edupunk is just a tag … bootstrapping is a life philosophy

Edupunk – this word seems to have been first uttered or posted by Jim Groom in May 2008.

Edupunk is really the DIY movement in teaching. Rather than relying on whatever learning management system their school subscribes to and e-paks from the publisher, edupunk educators go out to the blogosphere, the metaverse or into a MMORPG to find what will engage their students. It is an attitude about teaching that involves creativity, whimsy, Web 2.0 and a very limited budget (if you get a budget at all). So you DIY, you bootstrap, you use your strong and weak ties over the Internet to learn what others educators are doing. And most times you come up with something for your students that is engaging, challenging and creative.

It’s about the passion for educating and learning – doesn’t matter what it’s called edupunk, DIY, Web 2.0, bootstrapping or bricolage. You do it heart and soul and it shows.

Edupunk is just a word that seems to work for educators who have been DIYing it, bootstrapping and pushing education and learning to the bleeding edge.

Ender4Edu subreddit

May 3rd, 2017

For the Metagame Book club, we will be using a subreddit for discussion. It’s called Ender4Edu

We don’t want to create a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t read the book but what starts happening on page 92 in Chapter 9 has some possible similarities to reddit. We’ll wait until we get there to discuss it more.

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Ender’s Game and Education

April 28th, 2017

For the month of May, we are reading, dissecting and discussing  Ender’s Game (Book 1) with the Metagame Book Club. We had this strange idea of mapping it back to educational theory.  Is it more Kolb’ s Experiential Learning Cycle and where does Montessori show up in there?

We’ll do Google Hangouts on it each Wednesday in May 9 pm ET/7 pm MT.

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Games and 3D Simulations: Dystopian Fears to Utopian Visions

August 10th, 2015

Please Join the Games & Sims Network for a livestream of the closing keynote of our summer book club.

Dr. Cynthia Calongne, Colorado Technical University professor, game designer and researcher will be presenting Games and 3D Simulations: Dystopian Fears to Utopian Visions.

In the book club, we’ve discussed virtual reality, gamification and the quantified self, games as assessment and what school would look like if it was in virtual world. We’ve played Ingress guided in hangouts by Michael Flood and also Cynthia Clark, the Fauxasis created by Matthew Winner (real name) for the Level Up Book Club and even a group of dystopian games curated by Jon Spike.

Dr. Calongne’s presentation will complete the Metagame Book Club discussion on a rather optimistic note of how the future might look if we use games and 3D simulations in education.

Dystopia to Utopia

2013 Edublog Award

November 28th, 2013

It’s that time of the year again everyone. It’s time for the nominations for the 10th Annual Edublog Awards. Below are Abacus’ nominations. Feel free to share your own.

  • Best twitter hashtag – #gamemooc

COLTT Conference

August 5th, 2013

EduPunxers are excitedly heading to Boulder Colorado for 2 Days for
Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology Conference
being held at the University of Colorado – Boulder

Here is the conference schedule.


We have two game based learning and MOOC sessions on Wednesday:

Dissecting a Game: Game Mechanics in a Multiplayer Game

Immerse yourself in the mechanics that games leverage to engage, assess, and reward players. This discussion of game mechanics and game elements will include achievement, behavioral momentum, blissful productivity, reward schedules, epic meaning, and many more. This presentation provides participants an overview of the various tools game designers use to create engaging, compelling content that champions hard fun and real-time assessment. Examples will be drawn from the World of Warcraft in Business pilot project.


Game On! Lessons Learning from a Games Based Learning MOOC

What happens when you take the concept and spirit of a gaming guild and build four successive MOOCs? You get plenty of questions, skepticism, and even resistance to a different way of learning. Come discuss how the Games MOOC was informed by gaming guilds, the modding culture, MMORPGs, and a fierce determination not to default to behaviorist instruction. This is a lessons learned session when it comes to MOOC design and instruction.



Summer MOOCs

July 10th, 2013

3 Immersive and Game Based Learning MOOCs happening now!


Invitation from Sherry Jones, rgMOOC creator to lurk, participate and learn in the


rgMOOC is a Rhetoric and Game-Based MOOC that is co-created by Sherry Jones and Kate Guthrie Caruso, and will be released on May 28, 2013 – August 1, 2013. This free and open course is constructed based on the gMOOC theory that is co-founded by Sherry Jones and Jack Park. Twitter @rgMOOC!

Anne Frank MOOC

For more information and to sign up go here – MOOC-Anne Frank Flyer

Islands of Enlightenment introduction

Games MOOC

Part II of the Summer Games MOOC is our Immersive Learning and Virtual Worlds

The Games MOOC is an open course for all educators. The model for participation is based on social network knowledge construction. Learners will be able to be active in the course in several ways from lurking (reading the discussions), to being engaged in game-play to actively creating content in the course with the MOOC designer and Advisory Group. We do understand that a participant’s level of activity may vary based on the individual’s interest in the weekly topics or other time commitments.

So feel free to lurk!  As one of our MOOC Advisory Board member says, “Lurk and Learn!”

Summer Games MOOC

July 8th, 2013

This is your invitation to dance, play, sharpen your social media skills and build your games based learning and immersive learning PLN (Personal Learning Network) with the Games Based Learning MOOC.

Part II starts on Monday July 8, 2013 at 1pm MT!

Part II of the Colorado Community College System’s Games Based Learning MOOC starts tomorrow! We will begin with a 30 minute live introduction over Google Hangout at noon MT. To watch this, go to the Games MOOC YouTube channel – type in “Games MOOC Summer Part II Intro.” This will be recorded and posted in the Games MOOC so you can watch it later.

Part II of the Summer Games MOOC is our Immersive Learning and Virtual Worlds Tour. We’ll be having you take a look at two different types of immersive learning MOOCs or open courses, the rgMOOC with Sherry Jones

The Games MOOC will also be touring Second Life, OpenSim, Minecraft and World of Warcraft.

To join in go just click here – Games MOOC


The Marshmallow Challenge and Games

June 30th, 2013

Modified Marshmallow Challenge for the ISTE Leadership Symposium, we used a modified version of the Marshmallow Challenge.

Using it to explain game elements and fun, flow and fiero really came from a Game Based Learning Design Session that Sherry Jones and I did at our inhouse conference this year.  One of our very earnest instructors stated she wanted to use game based learning and gamification but it was difficult to think in those terms. So I pulled up the Marshmalllow challenge ( we had done the challenge the year before) and started to look at what they called a design challenge was actually a game.

Here’s the link to the website and the TED Talk

For the Epic Leadership Symposium, we cut down the time tremendously. We managed to do it in 18minutes and 30 seconds ( Chris was timing).  For our inhouse conference and at our state eLearning Consortium of Colorado (eLCC) conference  we have done it for 100 people and made it into a discussion about learning styles that lasted an hour. We have also made it a breakout session for 30 people and focus the discussion afterwards on how to do group projects in your classroom.

Bricoleur and Bricolage

June 6th, 2013

What is a bricoleur?

The straight translation from French puts it as a handyman but it is so much more. In popular culture, we have seen the bricoleur.  Everyone know McGyver, he didn’t need James Bond’s technology to save the world, he used whatever he had on hand.

Today a bricoleur uses whatever technology and material they need to build the solution to a problem. We see them in the Maker Movement, Civic Hackathons and with gamers who are part of a participatory and modder culture. Our currents bricoleurs are really makers, hackers and gamers.

What is bricolage?

Seymour Papert uses the term bricolage to describe a way of learning that involves playing, failing and trying again. John Seely Brown also used the term bricolage  fifteen years ago to  describe how people use the Internet for learning, playing and working.

VEJ Awards – Voting Open

June 1st, 2013

Virtual Education Journal Awards!


Voting is up and ready for the Virtual Educational Journal Reader’s Choice Awards.
You can vote at until Wednesday June 5th at midnight PT.

Here is a list of EduPunxer who have been nominated as individuals or a part of an organization!

Category 1: What is your favorite educational sim/site in Second Life?

Front Range Estate Manager: Kae Novak/Kavon Zenovka
Builder: Vasili Giannoutsos/Bluebarker Lowtide

Category 5: Person who taught, inspired or helped you most in virtual worlds/games
Kae/Que – Kae Novak/SL Kavon Zenovka

Category 6: What Your Favorite Educational Event in 2012 in a virtual environment/game

Games MOOC
Instructors: Kae Novak and Kate Hagerty  Advisory Board Members: Chris Luchs

Virtual Worlds and Games UnSymposium
Kae Novak , Chris Luchs, Tanya Martin, Joseph Doan, Jerry Buchko and Vasili Giannoutsos.

Category 7: Where do you go for information about what is happening in virtual worlds?

#gamemooc Games MOOC tweetchat

Category 11: What is your favorite museum or educational build in a virtual environment?

Front Range Estate Manager: Kae Novak/Kavon Zenovka
Builder: Vasili Giannoutsos/Bluebarker Lowtide

Category 12: What is your favorite place to “hang” in a virtual world with your friends?

Inevitable Betrayal Guild – World of World

Category 15: The best educational conference/workshop/professional learning activity in a virtual world

Weekend Webinars/Inevitable Instructors – All of the Inevitable Betrayal Guild!

Category 16: Favorite Machinima

Inevitable Instructors Playlist

Question 19: Favorite Educational Gaming Guild

Inevitable Betrayal

Category 20 Favorite VEJ Article

Game On Interview with Kavon Zenovka – Kae Novak

To vote for the 2013 VEJ Reader’s Choice Awards please go here.