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Machinima 4 Your Classroom

Several EduPunxers will participating in this discussion – so why don’t you join us!

Machinima 4 Your Classroom

Brought to you by the Machinima Working Group or Machinima 4 Mere Mortals

It will cover some basics for the classroom such as setting up a YouTube channel, images and creative commons, peer reviewing for your students. Then the discussion will turn to some quick and easy Machinima making, alternatives to YouTube and Machinima groups in Second Life. This session starts out for beginners but all are encouraged to attend. Intermediate and advanced participants will be encouraged to share their knowledge. (plz)

Machinima Working Group:

Abacus Capalini, Dot Delli, Rosie Halostar, Knowclue Kidd, Rurik Bellingshausen, LeeDale Shepherd, Tanya Smedley and Kavon Zenovka

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