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2011 Virtual Worlds UnSymposium November 4-6, 2011

Following up on the Virtual Worlds Graduate UnSymposium in 2010
(Schedule from last year VWGUS Calendar At a glance_Rev2 )

We will begin planning in June (after we all recover from VWBPE). 

Planned tracks:

1)       Call to Arms – Calls to Alms based on Knowclue Kidd VWBPE talks

2)      Machinima 4 Mere Mortals ( Machinima Contest 4 Mortals)

3)      Data Visualization and Learner Analytics

4)      Participatory Learning

5)      Other  Virtual Worlds and MMORPGs

But we’re open to having many more. If you have suggestions please let us know at

The UnSymposium’s objective is to promote innovation and sharing among the community of educators. So to encourage that the UnSymposium focuses on the following at its event:

1) Expertise and Knowledge sharing Across Worlds -What are you researching and what are you learning? How are you linking ideas and people?

 2)  Capabilities and Possibilities – Tell us what is out there. What opportunities, networks, tools and techniques are available? The focus is on the discovery of those opportunities, research, practices and products your colleagues should know.

3)  Social Networking with Virtual Worlds for Professional Development – Tell us about your networks and nodes.

Proposals are welcome from any and all. We always ask that you be creative, fun and engaging! Also, unusual formats, technologies, and the like are encouraged. Preferences will be given to proposals that utilize unusual formats, innovative technology and encourage participation from the symposiats. Proposals about and in Virtual Worlds and MMORPGs other than Second Life are welcome. The Program Group will be working with all presenters to assist in developing a singular and engaging experience for all participants. The Call for Proposals will be announced on September 1st.

If you have any questions or would like to help organize please email

twitter @vwgus

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