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VWBPE – looking for a few good…..

VWBPE is starting to get busy and we’d like to start working on some projects. If you want to volunteer for anything that is not listed here, please contact MLani Montgomery, our Volunteer Chair at to volunteer.

But we could use your help in a variety of ways……..

 Awards for VWBPE’s first annual awards ceremony

 1) If you want to design and build objects – we have a project for you.

Roxie Neiro (Social Chair) is looking for designs. We’d like to see what people can come up with.

She’s looking for a pin or ribbon that nominees can wear. Then the winners would receive a necklace/medallion that they could wear as well as an award. Anyone have any designs or ideas you’d like to share? Please email Roxie at or send her a notecard in Second Life.

She’s also looking for freebies/giveaways and swag for the gift bags. Or perhaps you’d like to design the gift bag. Our ideological theme is “You are here.” based on the NASA photo and the architectural design for the conference is Steam Punk. For more about the themes, please go to

  2) Writing copy and social media

We’d like writers for specific communities to highlight sessions and streams. These writers would be developing messages for press releases, blogs, twitter and other social media. If you know of another community that would you like to write for please us know. If interested please email or im Kavon Zenovka in Second Life.

Looking for people who would want to write for the following communities:


science researchers



games and simulations

Virtual Worlds other than Second Life



3) Polling/Voting Machine for Awards

We’re looking for people who would like to shop/build or help design or script the voting machines for the awards. Also anyone who would like to help setup the voting procedures/process for the awards. Please email Abacus Capalini at

 4) K-12 presentations

Do you know of an outstanding K-12 project? We’d like to make sure they are invited to do a poster or presentation. Please contact Rurik Bellingshausen in SL or email

 5) Roleplay

We want to also include more roleplay sims in this year’s conference. Do you know of someone who is doing outstanding roleplay in education. Please im Kavon Zenovka or email

6) Machinima

We’re doing our first ever Machinima stream. We could use some help – promoting, setting it up, etc. Please im Kavon Zenovka or email

We also want to invite the roleplaying sims to be part of conference as either a tour or poster session for their sim. Please im Kavon Zenovka or email with ideas, suggestions or if you are involved on a roleplaying sim that you would like to be a part of VWBPE.

So if you want to volunteer for anything that wasn’t covered please contact MLani Montgomery (Volunteer Chair) at to volunteer.

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