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Bricoleur and Bricolage

What is a bricoleur?

The straight translation from French puts it as a handyman but it is so much more. In popular culture, we have seen the bricoleur.  Everyone know McGyver, he didn’t need James Bond’s technology to save the world, he used whatever he had on hand.

Today a bricoleur uses whatever technology and material they need to build the solution to a problem. We see them in the Maker Movement, Civic Hackathons and with gamers who are part of a participatory and modder culture. Our currents bricoleurs are really makers, hackers and gamers.

What is bricolage?

Seymour Papert uses the term bricolage to describe a way of learning that involves playing, failing and trying again. John Seely Brown also used the term bricolage  fifteen years ago to  describe how people use the Internet for learning, playing and working.

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