Casino – A Movie Review


Casinos are flashy, fun, and exciting places where people can let loose and try their luck at gambling. Inside you can find everything from table games like poker to slot machines, and the energy is palpable with music blaring and champagne glasses clinking. While you may hear some tutting as things don’t go a patron’s way, most people are having a great time!

In addition to spicing up the atmosphere with fancy decor and upbeat music, casinos also offer dining and entertainment options. Their popularity among tourists is well documented, and they are a staple for many cities around the world. Some of the most famous casinos include the Hippodrome in London, the Venetian Macau in the Cotai Strip, and Caesar’s Palace on the Las Vegas Strip.

Although some people enjoy the thrill of winning big, most patrons are there to socialize and have a good time. People may be drinking, laughing, or arguing over their strategy, but they are all unified in the joy of trying their luck. Casinos are also a popular destination for business events, and event planners are often looking to book group activities that will impress their clients.

In Casino, De Niro and Sharon Stone give performances that are both evocative and unsettling. The movie is Scorsese’s most violent, with scenes ranging from torture by vice to a brutal baseball bat beating, but even the filmmaker admits that they were not used for style or shock value; these were real events that happened to his film’s characters.

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