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Online Last Week

This is compilation of our reports from the AD Update and the Virtual Connected Educator from this last week

Slow Tweetchat Now to July 29

Join in at anytime! For our Summer Book Club,we are reading  Learning Transported which is Jaime Donally’s book on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Mary Townsend will be facilitating the ISTE Games & Sims’ slow tweetchat. We’ll be using the hashtag #istebook. Even if you’re not reading the book,  there will be some interesting discussions on VR and AR happening on twitter using the hashtag #istebook.

Help Wanted

Two of our colleagues are looking for help with their research.

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Technology

Kathryn is interested in interviewing teachers who have a culturally responsive pedagogy and also use technology in their classrooms. Is this you? Would you consider being interviewed by phone and/or spreading the word? If so here is the link to the interest form:

Instructional Design and Technology

Nur is surveying students in graduate program in Instructional Design and Technology. The survey will take 15 minutes. Survey link:

ISTE Conference

We would like your comments and suggestions on ISTE Games & Sims Events.

Post conference survey  Also if you are interested in helping us organize the conference please let us know on that form or email Kae Novak

The Games & Sims Network organized the Ready Player One Playground and we were lucky enough to have the VR Podcast Crew @thevrpodcast  working the Games & Sims demo tables.

Here’s the pictures of both Ready Player 101 demos and the presentation area. None of these pics are staged so you can get a feel of what it was like. We had so many people we started 30 minutes early because people were ready for it. We’ve started to get conference pictures up on Fliickr, go ahead and take a look. Feel free to join and put yours up too.

Ethics & Games Monthly

On Sunday, Sherry Jones did the ISTE Games & Sims monthly Ethics & Games webinar on

“Applying Philosophy and Ethics of Confucius to Examine the Game Detention”.
Here’s the urls for the Detention Recording and the Detention Slides

Detention (2016) is a horror game developed by Red Candle Games, and is set in 1960s Taiwan. The game story is based on real historical events. Detention received Steam greenlight in 2016, and became one of the most influential indie games in 2017 for its ability to enhance the horror genre with history, for the purpose of retelling the real horrors that happened to the Taiwanese people during the 1960s era. The indie title has received the following awards from various award organization (listed on Red Candle Games website):

Awards & Recognition that Detention Won

“Famitsu Gold Award” No.1527, Famitsu, Japan, 2018
“Journey Award” IndieCade, USA, 2017
“Best Design” Taipei Game Show, Taiwan, 2017
“Best Narration” IndiePlay, China, 2017
“Best Narration Nominee” BIG Festival, Brazil, 2017
“Best Game Award Nominee” IndiePlay, China, 2016
“Best Audio Nominee” IndiePlay, China, 2016.

News, Information and Resources

Interested in learning more about VR/AR and donating to charity?

Humble Bundle is bundling ebooks from Springer on augmented reality and virtual reality

In case you missed it……

VEJ summer edition came out the first day of the conference. This digital journal is edited by our friends Bob and Rosie Vojtek. It is hot off the presses (virtually speaking of course) and the Games & Sims Network and IB is well represented in it.

We are reading the Virtual Education Journal (VEJ). VEJ summer edition just came out. This digital journal is edited by educators Bob and Rosie Vojtek..

Games & Sims member authors include….

What IF….Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Could Close the Achievement Gap by Rosie Vojtek

The Games & Sims Network Volunteer of the Year by Trish Cloud

Misinformation, Disinformation and Maskirovka: Information and Technology Literacy in the Age of Fake News Keynote by  Kae Novak  Slides

Games and Making by Kristina Thoennes

Meta Manifesto by Cynthia Calongne, Chris Luchs and Kae Novak

Video recording available on YouTube.

Learning Moral Philosophy and Ethics Through The Study of Video Games By Sherry Jones


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