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Shoe Drive Agreement

Sports fundraising is not necessarily a drag. Fundraising with a sole is convenient and fast — your team get the money you need if you need it. Collecting sneakers from your community and colleagues is one of the most effective fundraising ideas for sports teams. Shoes are a thing that many have in excess and are willing to give more shoes than they are able to give money. All you need to do is make the goal of your sports fundraiser on sneakers. Once you have collected all your donations, we will pay you the pound for your collection. The check you receive from Angel Bins can be made for your cause – great sports fundraising ideas start here! On average, we increase our increase to $1000.00. Contact us today to learn more about how you can host your own sneaker fundraiser and start making money for your cause. Shoes should be clean and free of holes, with intact soles. As a general rule, if shoes are not something you would lend to a friend or family member, it is not suitable for driving shoes.

Please make sure they are in good portable condition. The MVHS track team has organized an increase in the sports shoe player and raised $2,044.00 Your team needs a basketball fundraiser that will improve your game! Typical sports fundraising ideas take time and take you away from exercise time. We`re sure you`d rather work on your jump than do a bake sale. At Angel Bins, we help you make a successful basketball fundraiser that doesn`t take time and requires minimal effort. The collection of sports shoes requires only an awareness. No cooking, no event campaign… Just announce your cause to your community. When you`re done collecting, we`ll pay you per pound of sneakers! It`s the easiest way to get new jerseys, arm and leg sleeves, basketballs, bowling… maybe even a trip to watch your local NBA team to increase team spirit! jerseys, footballs, galleries, protective equipment, training equipment…

Fundraising football is important to get your team everything you need to succeed. Equipment is not cheap and tuition is limited. Sports fundraising ideas are a dozen, but good and simple are hard to come. Collect sneakers from your community, and we pay you the pound. Put that money in the equipment you need so badly and you`ll be happy to have done football fundraisers that don`t need much effort, but will make a lot of money! So how does an Athletic Shoe Drive fundraiser work? Just ask your friends, neighbors, employees and supporters to clean their cupboards (or gyms) and collect gently used sneakers.

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