The Growth of Technology in the Casino Industry

Unlike traditional casinos, a modern casino is focused on providing excellent customer service and rewarding loyal customers. One way casinos do this is by giving out free perks, called comps. These perks are often valuable to regular customers, who will typically spend more money at their gaming establishment. Discounted travel packages, buffets, and even free shows were once commonplace in Las Vegas casinos. These offers were designed to increase the number of people traveling to the city for gambling. Having a full casino floor and hotel rooms meant that the casino had the greatest potential to generate revenue.


Technology was the first step in achieving this goal. Computers and video cameras were routinely used to supervise games at casino establishments. The next step was chip tracking, whereby betting chips with built-in microcircuitry were used to monitor the number of bets made on each game. The wheel was also monitored to make sure that it was spinning with consistent results. Then came enclosed versions of many games, which did away with dealers and allowed players to place bets by pressing a button.

The growth of technology in the gambling industry has created new opportunities for gaming institutions. During the 1990s, casinos began to increase their use of technology. In some cases, computers and video cameras are used to monitor the action of casino patrons. Using “chip tracking,” betting chips with microcircuitry built into them were installed in machines. This allows casinos to monitor the wagers minute by minute. Statistical deviations in roulette wheels are also monitored regularly. Furthermore, enclosed versions of games do not require dealers, allowing players to make bets by simply pressing buttons.

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