How Casino Jobs Affect the Local Economy


If you’re a regular at a casino, you’ve probably heard of the “predicted lifetime value” of each player. Casinos use this number to estimate how much they can expect to make from a single person’s gambling. The biggest losers are labeled “whales” and they eventually become the casino’s most coveted repeat customers. To avoid becoming a “whales,” casinos market aggressively to these players.

When considering local economic impact, casinos can affect the unemployment rate in the region. Local governments should consider whether the casino will increase the number of residents living in the area and help alleviate unemployment there. Generally, all casino jobs require some type of skill. In rural areas, new arrivals may find employment at a casino, but local unemployment rates will remain unchanged. However, the overall impact on the local economy is not yet clear. The casino can increase the tax revenue of the surrounding area, which is good for the local economy.

In addition to the physical security of a casino, casinos use elaborate surveillance systems to keep an eye on patrons and games. For example, casinos have cameras placed in the ceiling and at each table, which can be adjusted to focus on patrons suspected of cheating. These video feeds are recorded for later review. Another important aspect of casino security is slot machine payouts. In some casinos, the payouts are determined by the computer chips inside the machine, rather than by a human operator.

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