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More Machinima 4 VWBPE

In lieu of a Machinima Working Group for VWBPE  meeting this week, we have a few other things. 
We are  looking for volunteers for two very short Machinimas made that we can use for pubilicity and the conference.
30 second – 1 min conference Machinima inviting people to attend VWBPE
and then 1 – 3 min on “What is Steampunk?” so a quick get ready for the theme.
Then we are also looking for help on some quick workshops to be held in the Machinima area during the conference. So let me know if you would like to present: 
How to set up a YouTube Channel
Intro to Machinima
Machinima Equipment
Sound for Machinima or Why Sound makes a difference.
Also looking for docents during the conference who can staff the Machinima area (2 Sims) and people who would like to moderate Machinima sessions. If you know anyone who can help us out. Please pass it along. Feel free to contact me – im Kavon Zenovka in SL or email

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